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Thought this was cool: PMTK3 :probabilistic modeling toolkit for Matlab/Octave

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是书《Machine Learning: a Probabilistic Perspective》的代码:

A new textbook by Kevin Murphy (in press, should be available by the end of August 2012)

My book (MLaPP) is similar to Bishop’s Pattern recognition and machine learning, Hastie et al’s The Elements of Statistical Learning, and to Wasserman’s All of statistics, with the following key differences:

A list of every PMTK3 demo

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Book Demos

Other Demos

a collection of demos not appearing in the book




[分享] 机器视觉工具箱-Machine Vision Toolbox for Matlab

The Spider:一个“面向对象”的机器学习Matlab工具箱




from 丕子:

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