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Thought this was cool: 推荐系统领域大神Yehuda Koren的paper推荐(可下载)

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经大牛推荐这位Yahoo Research的大神的论文,我在网上搜了一下,放在附件供大家下载学习交流。

他也是Netflix Prize的冠军队成员,是推荐系统领域的大神级人物。

1、《Matrix Factorization Techniques For Recommender Systems》

2、《Factorization Meets the Neighborhood:a Multifaceted Collaborative Filtering Model》

3、《Adaptive Bootstrapping of Recommender Systems Using Decision Trees》

4、《Yahho!Music Recommendations:Modeling Music Ratings with Temporal Dynamics and Item Taxonomy》

5、《Lessons from the Netflix Prize Chanllenge》

6、《Collaborative Filtering with Temporal Dynamics》

7、《Performance of Recommender Algorithms on Top-N Recommendation Tasks》

8、《Factor in the Beighbors:Scalable and Accurate Collaborative Filtering》


from 阿俊的博客:


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