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Thought this was cool: Vegas Challenge

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那就是传说中的ETHZ的Luc Van Gool的实验室。他们有一堂课,就是PPS Vision goes Vegas,今年已经不知道举办了多少班了。。

No. of groups: 4
Aim: TO WIN !
Date: To be decided
What to win: Orell Fuessli coupons or bQm coupons
Who wins: The one that is closest to the score of 21
Scoring: Cards 2-10: their nominal values
Face cards: 10
Ace: 1 or 11
Processing time limit: 1 minute per card
Token coupon exchange rate: Calculated at the end of the contest
Coupons will be given to the players based on their token quantities proportions
Total game time: 2 hours


Trainning的dataset如图所示,简单的来说就是识别咯。。。看起来不 是很难的样子。。。不知道怎么样才能应用的


不过这样的话,写个手机小app,带个手机就能赢完Las Vegas 了。。。





Dateset链接 PNM格式,GIMP可以直接打开,请解压缩两次。。。



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