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Thought this was cool: 收藏:SIGIR 2012 Best paper

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Jiafeng Guo已经连续获得了CIKM以及SIGIR的优秀论文,太牛了。

Honorable Mention

Robust Ranking Models via Risk-Sensitive Optimization

Lidan Wang (UMd) Paul N Bennett (Microsoft) Kevyn Collins-Thompson (MSR)

This paper tackles the issue of robustness, and examines how systems that despite achieving gain overall may still significantly hurt many queries.  They present a framework for optimizing both effectiveness and robustness and the tradeoff between the two.

Best Student Paper

Top-k Learning to Rank: Labeling, Ranking and Evaluation
Shuzi Niu (Institute of Computing Technology, CAS) Jiafeng Guo Yanyan Lan (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Xueqi Cheng (Institute of Computing Technology, CAS)

Best Paper Award

Time-Based Calibration of Effectiveness Measures

Mark D Smucker (University of Waterloo), Charles L. A. Clarke (University of Waterloo)
In this paper, we introduce a time-biased gain measure, which explicitly accommodates such aspects of the search process… As its primary benefit, the measure allows us to evaluate system performance in human terms, while maintaining the simplicity and repeatability of system-oriented tests. Overall, we aim to achieve a clearer connection between user-oriented studies and system-oriented tests, allowing us to better transfer insights and outcomes from one to the other.



SIGIR 2011: Task Engine-任务搜索

科普:RTB (Real Time Bidding)


用神经网络做音乐特征提取和分类-IMECS 2010 Best Paper



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