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You’ve probably read the news. It’s all over the internet. A million iOS UDID have been leaked. If you don’t know the whole stories, these were detained by the FBI. But of course, these guys couldn’t manage to keep it to themselves. They got hacked and all these UDID’s are exposed. Given the amount of UDID’s out there I’m having trouble to believe the FBI has serious evidence against all of these people to get a warrant to get their personal information.

The question that I’ve been asking myself since the release is : Who did actually give this information to the FBI ?

I directly pointed the finger at Apple. But many people tried to prove me wrong. And it’s true. It could be Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or any other major application user but it remains most likely that it’s Apple.

I would love to make this clear. * We need to identify the traitor *. There are way too many of those UDIDs. These people are not criminals. They are just regular users.

Check if your UDID has been leaked

There is already a tool to check quickly if your UDID has been leaked. Doesn’t take long.

The Plan

To identify who did give away their user’s information all I need is some information about what the released user devices have in common. Knowing that only applications having push notifications are supposed to have your UDID.

If your UDID is contained in the list, take a minute to help us identify the traitor that did give your information to the FBI without any your agreement and without warrant !

If you think other questions would be relevant to ask come and discuss the topic on HackerNews

The Message

Want to read my emails or private information ? Get a warrant !

Digital information is obtained way too easily for intelligence agencies. Why is this different than paper ?

from Hacker News 50:


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