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I’m going to make a couple of assumptions about your lifestyle based on myself and other programmers I know.

You drink a lot of caffeine
You do coding at night

What have these two assumptions got to do with vitamin D?

Everything. And without enough vitamin D you could end up with some not-insignificant disorders, such as osteoporosis or immune defects.


Lets start with caffeine.

Caffeine keeps you awake, which keeps you coding. It may also be a nootropic, increasing brain-power. Both desirable results. However, it also inhibits vitamin D receptors, and as such decreases the body’s uptake of this-much-needed-vitamin.

OK, that’s not so bad, you’re not getting the maximum dose of vitamin D. So what? Well, by itself caffeine may not cause you any problems, but combined with cutting off a major source of the vitamin — the production via sunlight — you’re leaving yourself open to deficiency in double-quick time.

Coding at night

Your skin reacts with ultraviolet light (UVB) to produce vitamin D. It’s a unique vitamin in the sense that it can be gotten through non-dietary sources. Great mechanism, hallelujah evolution. But not so outstanding if you don’t spend time basking in the sun — which working at night isn’t conducive to.

Getting vitamin D

As the title of this blog post implies, you can get vitamin D by taking supplements. It’s inexpensive and easily purchased from your local health food store.

Another source is oily fish: such as tuna or salmon. Oily fish is the only food which will have a meaningful impact on your vitamin D levels. Unfortunately it’s not in pizza. Oh well!

from Hacker News 50:


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