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Thought this was cool: Probability and Statistics Cookbook | Matthias Vallentin

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The cookbook contains a succinct representation of various topics in
probability theory and statistics. It provides a comprehensive reference
reduced to the mathematical essence, rather than aiming for elaborate

Last updated: August 13, 2012
Language: english

The LaTeX source code is available on
github and comes with a Creative
Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported
. Feel encouraged to
extend the cookbook by forking it and submitting pull requests.

To reproduce in a different context, please contact me.

The cookbook aims to be language agnostic and factors out its textual elements
into a separate dictionary. It is thus possible to translate the entire
cookbook without needing to change the core LaTeX source and simply providing a
new dictionary file. Please see the github

for details.

The current translation setup is heavily geared to Roman languages, as this was
the easiest way to begin with. Feel free to make the necessary changes to the
LaTeX source to relax this constraint.

Here are the 3 most recent entries of the changelog file (for all
versions of the cookbook):

2012-08-13 Matthias Vallentin <>
 * Fix variance of Student's t distribution. (Haomin Liao and Vincent Yang)
2012-07-03 Matthias Vallentin <>
 * Create ggplot2 version of the distribution plots. The new plots work
 better with black-and-white printing since they:
 1) use a dark Brewer color palette (more contrast)
 2) use different line types
 3) have an increased line width
 * Let Make pre-generate the distribution plots and remove them from the
 repository. Building the cookbook now requires and recent R installation
 and the following packages:
 - ggplot2
 - reshape
 - grid
 - MCMCpack
2011-12-12 Matthias Vallentin <>
 * Fix typo in chi-square PDF. (Steve Cheng-Xian Li)

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