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Thought this was cool: Interesting large scale dataset: D4D mobile data

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I got the following from Prof. Scott Kirkpatrick.

Write a 250-words research project and get access within a week to the largest
ever released mobile phone datasets: datasets based on 2.5 billion records,
calls and text messages exchanged between 5 million anonymous users over 5
Participation rules: 

Description of the datasets: 

The “Terms and Conditions” by Orange allows the publication of results
obtained from the datasets even if they do not directly relate to the

Cash prizes for winning participants and an invitation to present the results
at the NetMob conference be held in May 2-3, 2013 at the Medialab at MIT
Deadline: October 31, 2012

Some more information about this dataset:

The data collection took place in Cote d’Ivoire over a five-month period, from December 2011 to April 2012. The original dataset contains 2.5 billion records, calls and text messages exchanged between 5 million users. The customer identifier was anonymized by Orange Cote d’Ivoire. All subsequent data processing was completed by Orange Labs in Paris.
We will release four datasets in order to offer a large spectrum of possible analyses:
  • Aggregate communication between cell towers;
  • Mobility traces: fine resolution dataset;
  • Mobility traces: coarse resolution dataset;
  • Communication sub-graphs.

from Large Scale Machine Learning and Other Animals:


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