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Thought this was cool: uWSGI features you want to abuse

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  • serialization tool like Protobuf, Apache Thrift, JSON, etc. 跨进程、服务器共享数据
  • Pub-sub system, or RPC system 远程跨语言调用功能
  • async background workers 用于处理繁重数据
  • task queue/message queue 用于离线消息缓存和TTL支持,以及一些routing和过滤功能
  • signal system 跨进程异步操作
  • Key-value based cache or memory db 公用共享数据
  • task scheduler or cronjob 周期性任务



from est's blog:

Written by cwyalpha

十一月 24, 2012 在 3:27 下午

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