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Thought this was cool: ICDM 2012 Awards

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IEEE ICDM Research Contributions Award

Jerome H. Friedman, Stanford University, USA
Citation ]

IEEE ICDM Outstanding Service Award

Wei Wang, the University of California at Los Angeles, USA
Citation ]

10-Year ICDM Highest-Impact Paper Award

On the Privacy Preserving Properties of Random Data Perturbation Techniques – ICDM 2003
Hillol Kargupta (UMBC), Souptik Datta (UMBC), Qi Wang (Washington State U.), and Krishnamoorthy Sivakumar (Washington State U.)

Best Paper

Scalable Coordinate Descent Approaches to Parallel Matrix Factorization for Recommender Systems
Hsiang-Fu Yu, Cho-Jui Hsieh, Si Si, and Inderjit DhillonResearch Session: Efficient Algorithms 1
Tuesday, Salles des Nations I, 13:30-13:50

Best Paper Runner-Up

Active Evaluation of Classifiers on Large Datasets
Namit Katariya, Arun Iyer, and Sunita SarawagiResearch Session: Efficient Algorithms 2
Thursday, Salles des Nations I, 14:30-14:50

Best Student Paper

Sparse Group Selection on Fused Lasso Components for Identifying Group-specific DNA Copy Number Variations
Ze Tian, Huanan Zhang, and Rui KuangResearch Session: Models and Algorithms for New Applications
Tuesday, Salles des Nations I, 16:40-17:00


[高清] 2010世界杯高清大图看看




比赛:ICPR 2012 Contests



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