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Thought this was cool: Why do most Japanese girls wear super-short skirts for their school uniform?

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Uniform skirt length is a fashion statement, a way of expressing your individuality while being made to wear a uniform, and in some cases a form of rebellion. Many studens in Japan wear uniforms for all six years of middle school and high school, so it can get pretty boring. Kids who went to private schools may have had to wear uniforms in elementary school too, not to mention kindergarten.

Skirt lengths go up and down, depending on what’s in fashion at the time. There are also differences in general skirt length depending on the location. Schoolgirls in the Tokyo area tend to wear their skirts pretty short, although I think they were even shorter a few years ago and have gone down a few centimeters. Skirt length in other cities and towns are usually longer.

The standard skirt length is around knee level, give or take a few centimeters. So, what a lot of girls do is have two skirts; one that’s short for every day and for hanging out with their friends, and one for ‘uniform check’ day at school, or if the school is extra strict, for wearing at school. Then they’ll change to the short one for when they’re out of school.

Some girls show their rebellion by wearing their skirts very long. Ankle length skirts were the sign of rebellion in my day. Girls who wore their skirts that long were the baddies. (A slang term for such rebels is ‘Yankee’, strangely enough.)

Other fashion statements while wearing a uniform include the length, fit and color of your socks, how you wear your tie or bow, if you stick to standard issue white shirts/blouses or not, etc. Hair color and styling is a thing too; since many schools have rules about how you can wear your hair (for boys and girls). It’s kind of a game of how much you can get away with without getting in trouble.

And incidentally, a lot of girls wear their gym pants under their skirts so they feel protected while exposing leg. Altough to the average lecherous dude trying to get a peek I guess gym pants don’t look that different from underwear pants.

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