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Thought this was cool: 发现一本新书《Mastering OpenCV with Practical Computer Vision Projects》

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翻OpenCV的网站,发现这个月新出了一本书《Mastering OpenCV with Practical Computer Vision Projects》,可以在上下载书中对应的源代码。感觉每一个项目都很典型,有机会要选几个慢慢研究一下。

The book “Mastering OpenCV with Practical Computer Vision Projects” is now for sale from Packt Publishing with free shipping to many countries! Each chapter is a separate project containing step-by-step tutorials + full source-code using the latest C++ interface of OpenCV v2.4, written by 7 authors that are well-known among the OpenCV community for their blogs & open-source projects.

Chapters (each is a project with full source-code):
– Cartoonifier and Skin Changer for Android.
– Marker-based Augmented Reality on iPhone or iPad.
– Marker-less Augmented Reality.
– Exploring Structure from Motion using OpenCV.
– Number Plate Recognition using SVM and Neural Networks.
– Non-rigid Tracking.
– 3D Head Pose Estimation using AAM and POSIT.
– Face Recognition using Eigenfaces or Fisherfaces.
– Developing Fluid Wall using the Microsoft Kinect.

Authors (in alphabetical order):
– Daniel Lélis Baggio (““)
– Shervin Emami (““)
– David Millán Escrivá (““)
– Khvedchenia Ievgen (““)
– Naureen Mahmood (““)
– Jason Saragih (““)
– Roy Shilkrot (““)

The book can be purchased from “” either as a physical book or as a PDF eBook.

The latest code can be downloaded from ““, including a screenshot of each project (scroll down on the front page).

Note: You should already have basic experience with OpenCV and C/C++ before reading this book, as this book does not explain the basics of OpenCV and it assumes you already have it installed. For example, you could read the “Learning OpenCV” book and/or the “OpenCV 2 Cookbook” to learn the basics of OpenCV, then read this “Mastering OpenCV” book for more advanced skills and project ideas!



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