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Thought this was cool: What should everyone know about cats?

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  • Cats are carnivores. They must eat meat and in fact should eat a high-fat, high-protein diet if possible. If you want your pet to be vegan, a cat is not for you. [1]
  • Cats are among the most effective predators on the planet. Retractable claws that are always sharp for tearing and rending. Muscular rear legs for pouncing. Powerful jaws and a flexible neck for taking down fleeing prey. Excellent vision and hearing to detect even the slightest movement. Hunting is in their nature and you’d be amazed at how much killing even domestic cats do. [2]
  • Cats were not domesticated. Their relationship with humans can best be described as symbiotic. Cats didn’t enter the scene until agrarian civilization had advanced enough to keep grain in silos, which attracted a healthy crop of rodents. The cats moved in to eat the rodents, and the humans were happy enough to have them around. [3]
  • Cats are desert animals. They can withstand high temperatures and can subsist on a diet of only meat with no additional water if they need to. [4]
  • Cats meow for your sake. Feral cats don’t vocalize nearly as much as those in regular contact with humans, as they can talk to each other quite effectively with nonverbal cues such as body language and scent. When your cat chirps, meows, or cries, you can be pretty sure they are trying to get your attention. [5]
  • Cats are family animals. They generally prefer either independence or a family group. Cats can and do bond very intensely with their human owners, but this bond seems to be a form of imprinting in which the cat’s behavior towards their human mimics that of a kitten towards its mother. In this sense, you (and/or other animals in the household) are surrogate family for your cat. [6]
  • Cats are relatively intelligent. They have excellent memories and can use recall of previously-seen events to adapt to novel situations. Like many primates, kittens use observational learning to pick up survival behaviors (e.g. hunting, stalking) from their mothers. [7]
  • Cats can be dangerous. Even small housecats can inflict serious harm when they choose to. The best way to control a misbehaving or aggressive cat is to grasp them firmly by the scruff of the neck until you feel their muscles relax.


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