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Thought this was cool: Graph Database Resources

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I got this from my collaborator Joey Gonzalez:

A paper that summarizes the state of graph databases that might be worth reading:
A nice paper describing how databases systems are built.  In particular it talks about the isolation of storage and computation dependencies in a database:

Regarding actual performance of databases for Graphs, I got an interesting link from my collaborator Yucheng Low:

I found an interesting benchmark comparing MySQL NDB against Memcached you may be interested in.
Summary: MySQL NDB faster than Memcached.
Really only faster if the entire NDB table can fit in memory (and disk write flushes are disabled). If HDD IO is necessary, it slows down quite a lot.  Of course, MySQL sharding+replication can be used to keep things running instead of going to disk.

from Large Scale Machine Learning and Other Animals:


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